Note To Self

It often only takes a few words of encouragement to push us to the next level. Other times, it's family or the drive to be successful that forces us to work hard and get things done.  At some point, we get knocked down and feel defeated. Dark clouds of self-doubt can begin to cloud the brain and poison the soul. Limiting beliefs start to get in the way and begin to consume your every thought. It may sound a little dark, but one way to bring a little sunshine to these moments is to write little notes to help sort through the clutter.

Some people plaster their walls with sticky notes filled with words of affirmation to keep negative thoughts at bay.  I use a different method. I write down impactful phrases that reinforce my beliefs and values.

Each morning, I listen to compelling motivational YouTube videos to get me pumped for the workday. One of my favorite videos features a commencement speech by Denzel Washington, and he talks about falling forward and not being afraid to fail. Click here, to listen. At times, when I'm listening to these clips, I hear a message that resonates with me; I write it down, and I immediately apply it to myself. 

I also create a "Note to Self" on Facebook with a message that hits home for me. I feel like writing notes on Facebook holds me accountable and helps me believe in what I'm writing. Some theories state that limiting beliefs will affect outcomes in your life and will make things difficult. Limiting beliefs will stop things from happening for you because you're blocking it. Not only do I think these notes help me to overcome such beliefs, but they are also helping someone else. Based on the likes and comments, the messages I'm sharing are making an impact on peers in a very positive way.   

One of my favorite "Note to Self" statuses reads," Make sure that you also keep a list of all your achievements, both large and small, to remind yourself of the times that you have done well." This status helped me to realize how far I've come and that I should be proud of myself.

Too many times, we are so critical of ourselves that we forget about all of the good we've accomplished. The next time you're feeling doubtful, create a note to yourself and jumpstart your journey ahead to the promised land of success. 

Dinah Allen