Change, Change, Change, & More Changes

Change, Change, Change, and More Change

What is more exciting than change? Change signals new opportunities, new experiences, and almost always the opportunity to grow. It sounds exciting, right? So why is that we so often meet the concept of change with so much anxiety and resistance? We know that it is inevitable. Yet we insist on employing this idea that life is to follow some linear path with sequential steps leading to our success when we’ve seen time and time again that it simply doesn’t work that way.

In a few short days, my life will change dramatically. My family will welcome our third and likely final installment into the G squad. We are expecting a baby boy and his delivery is imminent. While I am absolutely thrilled to have been chosen to care for another one of God’s own, I have to admit that becoming a mom of three has not been met without some trepidation. I mean, what does that even mean; three little ones whose lives depend on every decision I make? It’s quite a responsibility to say the least.

Being a mom of two has been the privilege of my life and I have to say it’s been relatively easy. As I began to think about what this new addition would mean for our family, I began to wonder how I’d handle it all. Before I allowed myself to become consumed with thoughts of fear, doubt, and confusion, I remembered that I get to choose my perspective and more importantly, if I check the record of my life, there has never been a time when things didn’t work out. My faith and God’s presence in my life have never ever failed me in any circumstance to date, and while this newest change will certainly require more of me, I know that I am well-equipped with everything that I need for this moment in time.

I am willing to bet that the same is true for you. While the details may be very different, I’d imagine that you’d be hard-pressed to identify a time when what you needed to navigate the changes in your life were not provided when you needed them most. I mean, look at you! Look at where you are. The change occurred, and here you are standing on the other side of it! Whether it be meeting the right people at the right time or identifying resources that didn’t seem to exist before, or even finding a perspective that you didn’t have previously, things work out, even amongst the biggest changes. If you don’t think this is true, I encourage you to increase your faith. It changes things.

Whatever season you find yourself in currently, know that change is inevitable and remember that you get to decide how you react to it. You can run and rebuff, or you can celebrate and embrace. Either way, it’s coming, and I hope you choose the latter.

Jihada Garrett