Part Two. Autumn Carter's Story: The Emotions

Sitting face to face with her therapist, Autumn tried to understand why this was happening to her. Her thirties didn't include plans for mammograms, biopsies, and surgeries. Having to schedule doctors' appointments instead of summer outings with friends made it hard to believe that this was her new norm.

"I was angry because why me? Why 30? Why now? 30s in my mind were supposed to be the best decade of my life," says Autumn. "I felt betrayed by God; what did I do to deserve this?”  

As the months passed, the battle between her body and cancer inside her breast raged on. At times it seemed to consume her, and she experienced low periods that made her feel like giving up.  

 "I felt a lot of grief! I was grieving my old life and norms, grieving the woman who I thought was the best version of me, grieving my new body that would consist of mastectomy scars on my implanted breasts, and grieving through the trauma that I had experienced throughout my journey so far - receiving bad news, unexpected bad news," says Autumn.

Remarkably, Autumn took her pain and turned it around for the better. She found a way to pull through with therapy. Therapy helped Autumn realize the emotions she was experiencing were normal and making peace with them was ok. She decided that her diagnosis would not define her.

"I started to own breast cancer, yet at the same time know that it is not a death sentence, but an experience in passing to be grateful for," says Autumn. "It took me a while to get here. I had to deal with all of the other emotions that tried to drown out optimism."

Through therapy, Autumn started to come to terms with her new reality and began to feel more optimistic.

"I appreciate life and see no limits. I stay positive throughout it all because although I have been told that there is no cure, I will be cured! I've encountered so many walking miracles on my breast cancer journey; I too will be right along with them!" she says.   

As a result of her experience thus far, Autumn has grown spiritually. "My faith is stronger than ever,” says Autumn. “It is what gets me through each procedure, each negative thought that passes my conscious mind, and each doctor telling me one thing; meanwhile, God is telling me another."

Join us on Wednesday, October 30th, for the final part of Autumn's story and learn what's next in her journey.

Dinah Allen