Amya Returns!

Hi guys, it’s Amya and I’m back! It’s been a long time since we talked and sooo much has happened! The first thing is that I’m 6! That’s right 6! I went to Chicago for my birthday and it was amazing. Have you ever been to Dylan’s Candy Bar?! It’s a dream! 

Being 6 means I can do a lot of things like getting a big girl car seat, go to concerts like JoJo Siwa (she’s my favorite) andddd go to 1st grade! I’m so excited. It also means big responsibilities like reading all summer; oh wait, did I tell you I can read?! It also means helping with my brother, oh and guess what?! I’m getting another baby brother too! I really wanted the baby to be a girl but it’s not. I was really disappointed but sometimes that happens. You just have to roll with it. I’ll love the baby anyway because that’s what you do, take the good with the not so good and just make sure you have a good life no matter what! That’s what I do. 

I’m also having a really good summer. I go to science camp with Aiden; I’m learning Spanish at Anda Spanish and spending lots of fun time with my family. I’m also getting back to work at the office. There’s a lot for the future president to do! See ya!

Denise Herd