Hi guys, Amya here. Today I want to talk about being big. Being big is tough stuff. Ever since I’ve been big there are so many things I have to do and think about. I have to go to school EVERYDAY, focus and pay attention, do chores, look out for Aiden, plus go to my enrichment classes. I have to learn more math, and read more and figure out how to always make good choices. It hardly leaves me enough time for my art!

I miss the times when I could play all day, stay at home with mommy and just have fun but that’s not the case anymore. Now I have big kid responsibilities. Mommy says being big means I can do more but I would still rather be little. I think it’s better.  

On the bright side, I do get to do cool things like pick out my own clothes when I go shopping, earn an allowance (that’s money you get every week for doing big stuff), and go to concerts to see JoJo Siwa! I’m a big fan. I guess it’s not all bad. I hear that it costs to be the boss and if I’m going to be big I definitely want to be the boss. That’s why I’m the future president!
Ok, bye guys.

Amya GarrettHerd Strategies