Anda Spanish

Hola! Buenos Dias. Today’s #FridayFocus is on Anda Spanish, a full-service Spanish immersion and integration organization focused on building bridges and eliminating the barrier of language in businesses and communities throughout the city of Indianapolis. 

 Founded by ....Anda’s mission is to strengthen community bonds and connections by providing cultural and linguistic education, resources, advocacy, and to eliminate barriers that separate communities today. It provides translation services, document translation services, and interactive Spanish classes online or in-person for adults and children of all ages. 

This past summer, our future president, Amya and her little brother Aiden, participated in Anda’s Spanish for Kids program and fell in love. The duo learned more than just “Hola” and “Uno, Dos, Tres.” They participated in art and science projects, made new friends, all while deepening their understanding of and appreciation for the Spanish language and culture. 

To learn more about Anda Spanish and ways to explore a new world of discovery while opening doors to new communities, visit their website here:


Upcoming event: 

Fall Fun Spanish Immersion Camp for early learners

Date: October 7th -11th and October 14th-18th

To register, click here:


Dinah Allen