Alignment Check

I recently visited a car dealership to have my vehicle serviced. I knew that I was in need of an oil change. What I wasn’t aware of were the problems that were lurking underneath the surface. It turned out that I needed new brake pads on all four wheels and new tires all the way around. The quoted price to rectify the situation was a doozy. I couldn’t believe it. How could this be? I only purchased the car last year. Why would I be faced with the need for such a substantial and costly repair/service so quickly? The reason was simple: I was out of alignment.


How often does this happen in life? Everything looks good on the outside and we are seemingly doing the right things and making good decisions. Yet, somehow things are not clicking and the harder we work, the farther away we seem to be from the goal. It shows up in our careers, our marriages, families and friendships and just about any other area you can imagine. We begin to question ourselves and our abilities, while growing increasingly frustrated and sometimes hopeless. It’s a very sad and difficult place to be but I’d venture to say that we’ve all been there, perhaps more than a few times. But I have good news. I’m here to tell you that chances are it isn’t you. You are indeed as great as you think you are and your gifts are solid. What is more likely the case or culprit is that you my friend are operating out of alignment.


To be in alignment is to be in correct or appropriate relative positions as defined by the dictionary. I agree. My personal definition adds that it is to be in correct or appropriate relative to position to what has been uniquely and divinely destined for you at any given moment in time. Though it may be challenging and downright frightening to accept, I am convinced that when we honor that still, small voice inside of us that tells us what we should or shouldn’t be doing with ourselves, we will rise to higher heights and travel distances far greater than we ever could have imagined. What’s more is that it won’t require half the stress and headache as it does when we are working against the grain. 


Just as in the case of my vehicle, it is difficult to strike a balance when your alignment is off and you are subtly being pulled in different directions. It requires you to work so much harder to reach your destination. So do yourself a favor and get an alignment check. Get in touch with your core; be honest with yourself about what you need to do; trust yourself; and exercise your faith. This will likely require you to make some tough decisions (like sadly parting with thousands of dollars to buy brake pads, shoes, sensors and such...not exactly but you get my point). However, the peace and assurance of knowing that things are working as they should will be well worth it. It may or may not change the terrain of the road you travel but it will certainly make the ride smoother and less costly. :-)

Jihada Garrett